Reflections On: Our History

When Bri­an Bell­mont found­ed Bell­mont Part­ners in 1996, there was a clear vision: to become an exten­sion of the peo­ple, com­mu­ni­ties and teams with whom he worked. Going from a solo prac­ti­tion­er to now a team of 26 employ­ees, not only has this vision come to life – it’s grown and evolved and has led to more than 25 years of top-notch com­mu­ni­ca­tions work, client ser­vice and com­mu­ni­ty engagement.

We recent­ly reflect­ed on four aspects of the first 25+ years of Bell­mont Part­ners – our cul­ture, his­to­ry, work and com­mu­ni­ty – and cap­tured these thoughts in video. Below is one of the videos from this series. Thanks for being part of our sto­ry – we look for­ward to con­tin­u­ing the journey.


“Every year, we’ve become a bet­ter ver­sion our­selves,” said Johan­na Hol­ub, account super­vi­sor and data + insights lead.

Bell­mont Part­ners has not only grown in size the past quar­ter-cen­tu­ry, we’ve also trans­formed with indus­try evo­lu­tions, adjust­ed to the needs of clients and adapt­ed to changes in tech­nol­o­gy, media and the world. What start­ed as a media rela­tions agency has grown to so much more, includ­ing dig­i­tal strat­e­gy and out­reach, graph­ic design, influ­encer rela­tions, brand strat­e­gy, pod­cast devel­op­ment, event coor­di­na­tion and more.

“When I first start­ed here, it was a scrap­py group of peo­ple who were real­ly good at what they did and had a vision for some­thing more,” said Brid­get Nel­son Mon­roe, part­ner and man­ag­ing direc­tor. “I feel like that scrap­pi­ness has stayed in the cul­ture, but along the way, we’ve become a force to be reck­oned with, and we’ve done so by doing well and doing good at the same time.”

The ever-grow­ing diverse skill set of the Bell­mont Part­ners team makes Bri­an extreme­ly proud. “The last 25+ years have been a whirl­wind, and when I look back from where we start­ed to where we are today it makes me even more excit­ed and thrilled to see what is around the next cor­ner. I’m real­ly, real­ly proud of every­thing we’ve built, and I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to see­ing where we go next.”

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  1. Ron Handberg

    Bri­an and Jen,
    While I’ve only known you for a few of Bell­mont’s 25 years, with each of those years I’ve grown to appre­ci­ate not only he work you do, includ­ing the cre­ative pro­mo­tion of my books, but the cul­ture you’ve instilled with­in Bell­mont Part­ners. As one of your folks said in the His­to­ry video, “every year is a bet­ter ver­sion of our­selves.” May that ver­sion con­tin­ue to get bet­ter in each of the next 25 years.

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