Monrovia Nursery is one of the largest shrub, perennial and tree growers in North America. Inspired by thebeauty of plants, gardens and landscapes everywhere, Harry E. Rosedale, Sr. founded the company in 1926. Collaborating with renowned plant hunters and breeders around the world, Monrovia provides premium, craftsman-grown plants to beautify gardens and landscapes. Bellmont Partners helps share the Monrovia story through strategic marketing, media relations and thought leadership.

Media Relations

Through our B2B and B2C media relations campaigns, Monrovia has received extensive coverage in the top national home, garden and industry publications, including HGTV, Real Simple, Garden Center Magazine and more. Building on consumer research and trends, we highlight Monrovia’s growing excellence, superior plant selection and employee expertise.

Thought Leadership

Our B2B outreach has elevated Monrovia’s industry exposure. In addition to new plant and program coverage, we have increased industry speaking opportunities and secured several industry awards for all employee levels.

Influencer Relations

Our influencer outreach work pairs key plant enthusiasts and experts with the Monrovia brand. By hosting events at Monrovia’s nursery locations in Oregon, Georgia and California, we share, first-hand, what makes Monrovia unique and the care it takes to bring a quality plant to your local garden center.

Webinar Support

With Monrovia’s consumer and industry webinar series, we’re able to take the brand story directly to our audiences. Working to produce and host up to six webinars per year, the Bellmont Partners team has helped Monrovia reach thousands of customers with each webinar.