22 Things About Bellmont Partners on Our 22nd Birthday

It’s hard to believe, but this week, Bellmont Partners celebrated its 22nd birthday! While there was just one “Bellmont partner” (Brian) in 1996, we’re proud to mark year 22 with 13 talented, hard-working individuals on our team. To celebrate this occasion, I chatted with my colleagues to compile a list of 22 things that you might not know about what makes us…well, us.

Without further ado…

  1. We spent several years working out of a former workout studio in Prior Lake, Minn., and four years ago moved to our current space in Edina, Minn. We just completed an expansion, which now gives us just about 6,000 square feet, including updated offices, conference rooms and kitchens.
  2. After years of working with start-ups and established companies in the medical and med-tech space, we formalized and expanded our health practice group in early 2018. In May, Ragan’s and PR Daily named us Health Care Public Relations Agency of the Year as part of the annual Ace Awards.
  3. Pop-culture-loving president Brian Bellmont co-wrote two books with Gael Fashingbauer Cooper. They appeared on the Today Show to promote their first book, Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?, and Kathie Lee Gifford apologized for extending a sanitizer-covered hand because she’d just been petting a lemur.
  4. One of our weirdest, most memorable team outings was in 2013, when we were trapped on a boat with Saved-By-the-Bell-actor-turned-insult-comedian Dustin “Screech” Diamond.
  5. Our favorite part of the office – in addition to the copious amounts of glass designed to spark collaboration and let the outside in – is our actual outdoor space, a massive wrap-around balcony with spectacular views of the Twin Cities. We love hosting clients and friends in this beautiful space, so give us a shout if you’d like to stop by for coffee al fresco!
  6. Speaking of our outdoor space, our green thumbs are improving with our balcony garden. Before we got planting, we even had two University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners visit to share best practices and advice with us, giving us the knowledge we need to have a healthy bounty of chemical-free veggies and herbs.
  7. We currently have 16 different flavors of LaCroix and Bubly in our office.
  8. Through our Bellmont Gives Back program, employees can use up to five hours of company time per month toward volunteering for causes they are passionate about and have done everything from serving on boards for local nonprofits to packing food at client Second Harvest Heartland, volunteering at their children’s schools, donating blood and more!
  9. Our commitment to sustainability has led us to compost our food waste, go car-free for a day, aim for a plastic-free month and complete Lean+Green Challenges – which motivate us to climb seven flights of stairs up to our office just to earn two challenge points!
  10. Our Talking Points Event Series was developed in 2017 as a partnership with longtime agency friend Arik Hanson of ACH Communications. We love collaborating with fellow communication pros and orgs to move the industry forward and keep pushing the needle.
  11. After hearing about Big Slick, an annual celebrity-led fundraiser for Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, in 2015 when I presented a lunch ‘n’ learn about my then role with the Kansas City Royals, Jen and Brian knew they had to go. This year marked their third straight participating in this phenomenal fundraising event, and they were joined by two of our team members for a weekend of BBQ, festivities and fun for a great cause.
  12. We work well under pressure – and that’s likely because several of us are former journalists who live for a quick-turn deadline. Across our team, we have people who have worked at local and national outlets (Reader’s Digest, Better Homes and Gardens, Lillie News, MSNBC.com, Minnesota Parent and more), providing unique perspectives to thoroughly understand and help overcome the challenges reporters in different settings face on a daily basis.
  13. Thanks to our friend Sarah Moe of Sleep Health Specialists, we’re learning to love sleep. Sarah has led two lunch ‘n’ learns this year on the importance of sleep and how to achieve quality ZZZs to increase our productivity at both work and home.
  14. Events make our adrenaline kick in. From coordinating live TV hits at the Uptown Art Fair (come see us out there this weekend!) or Minnesota State Fair to troubleshooting challenges when a cooler at the Super Bowl Experience is being problematic, we thrive in event settings. We strive to help media churn out the best pieces they can and also enjoy getting to better understand our clients’ patrons through interactions at events, providing us with all the motivation we need to put our best feet forward every time.
  15. We’re a musical bunch, whether it’s playing instruments (ranging from piano to flute, drums to violin, saxophone to organ and don’t forget the oboe), singing, catching the latest musical or going to concerts, we love having music in the air.
  16. In addition to our nonprofit work for clients including Second Harvest Heartland, People Incorporated and MnFire, as well as many others, our team members are leaders in the community. Hyedi Nelson and Megan Anderson are currently completing the Be the Delta leadership training program, and several BPers serve on boards and committees for area nonprofits. From Girls on the Run to ThreeSixty Journalism and the Minnesota PRSA Student Relations Committee to the Chaska Valley Family Theatre, we are proud our group values these community assets and donates their time to support them.
  17. We are a group with varied backgrounds. Throughout our careers, our team members have lived in 11 different states and four countries, using each new culture to learn and better understand people and how they communicate. With degrees from 10 different colleges and universities and decades of experience across nearly any industry you can think of, we each bring something different to the table, making for a unique, well-rounded crew.
  18. While we love a good “no idea is a bad idea” brainstorm to get the creative juices flowing, we always make sure our recommendations are grounded in steady approaches to deliver results and achieve goals. We’re all for making a big splash from time to time, but our clients continually let us know they appreciate our consistent, proven methods when it comes to giving them the best return on their investments.
  19. Although we won’t give up our cake, doughnuts and ice cream (not to mention trying the newest Oreo flavors) anytime soon, we also have a tribe committed to healthy living. Our health & wellness committee has coordinated participation in races from 5Ks to 10 miles, rock climbing outings, bike & brews and more. We know staying active makes us happier and healthier people – translating into even better professionals and community members.
  20. Our client work in the world of sports has provided an opportunity to help professional athletes use their platforms to spread positive messages and build their personal brands. Through our work with Midwest Dairy and the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, we’ve helped position more than 100 NFL players as role models for students to encourage healthy, active lifestyle choices. In addition, we’ve worked with professional athletes to coordinate charitable event logistics and media, manage their social media accounts and develop media relations campaigns.
  21. Throughout our careers, we’ve done client work across the U.S. and in multiple countries. From the Dairy Experience Forum held just last week in Minnesota to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas to the International Dental Show in Germany, we go the extra miles (or kilometers) for our clients.
  22. Glip is one of our team’s favorite tools. This instant messenger allows us to efficiently communicate to colleagues or the whole team without flooding inboxes. Bonus, the system supports GIFs with a built-in search function making it easier than ever for us to express ourselves – sometimes leading to entire conversations comprised of animation.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Bellmont Partners, and cheers to year 22!

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