Meet the Team

No matter if your focus is on B2B, B2C, digital or traditional – or a combination – our results-driven team spends the time and effort necessary to really understand your business and your industry. We work hard to build a culture of long-term collaboration and trust with our clients, and then demonstrate the value of that partnership every day, in everything we do.

brian-bellmont-bellmont-partners Brian Bellmont President
shelli-lissick-bellmont-partners Shelli Lissick Partner
Bridget Nelson Monroe Bridget Nelson Monroe Vice President
breanna-welke-bellmont-partners Breanna Welke Director of Brand Strategy
Megan Anderson Account Supervisor
Hyedi-nelson-bellmont-partners Hyedi Nelson Account Supervisor
megan-derkey-bellmont-partners Megan Derkey Account Supervisor
Michelle Cook Michelle Cook Senior Account Executive
Sara Grasmon Sara Grasmon Senior Account Executive
Johanna Holub Senior Account Executive
briana-gruenewald-bellmont-partners Briana Gruenewald Account Executive
erin-lilliencrantz-bellmont-partners Erin Lilliencrantz Assistant Account Executive
Emma Strub Assistant Account Executive
brienna-schuette Brienna Schuette Strategic Partner
todd-spichke Todd Spichke Strategic Partner