Living Our Values – Why We Love Being on the Bellmont Partners Team

Last night, we were honored to once again – for the fourth year in a row – be named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Minnesota Business Magazine. While part of our team was at the Finance & Commerce Rising Young Professionals award event, a group of BPers accepted the award on behalf of all 14 of us who are proud to work at Bellmont Partners.

As the two newest full-time employees, my colleague Michelle Cook and I discussed how, in less than a year, we’ve both seen exactly why it’s no surprise that our company was a winner when it comes to best places to work. Although there are too many wonderful things to say in this post, here are some of our favorite reasons we’re so happy here.

The first thing that came to mind for both of us is the collaborative environment. There are always open lines of communication, both literally with tools like Glip (GIFs encouraged) and figurately with open-door policies across the board. Our leadership team regularly shares business updates, ensuring we all understand the big picture and are on the same page for how we can achieve common goals as a team. We’re each accountable for our own roles, however, the transparency builds a two-way street of trust that makes us feel like we’re all in it together. When the business succeeds, whether with an accomplishment on behalf of a client, an award win or the bottom line, we’re rewarded and join the celebration of accomplishing the goal as a team.

The transparent, accountable culture lends itself naturally to flexibility. We love that we have flexibility in both our schedules and our work locations to make room for life when we need it and to be as productive as we can be. Our beautiful office space has a plethora of comfortable spaces to collaborate but also has private offices for when we just need to shut the door and write.

A fresh bowl of juicy, ripe strawberries, a box of fluffy doughnuts straight from the bakery, an ice cold Bubly while sitting on the patio for a meeting…it’s safe to say we never have a shortage of snacks and beverages to fuel the tasks at hand. If we have a 7 a.m. conference call or need to run some errands during the day? We’ll work from home, in set-ups funded by annual home technology stipends, to save commute time and reduce our environmental footprints.

Recently, a family emergency kept me out of the office for several days, and throughout it all, I was fully supported from every one of my 13 colleagues. From the partners to our AAEs, they jumped in immediately to return emails, keep projects moving and offer support, allowing me to focus on my true priority at that time and showing just how much everyone genuinely cares about the well-being of each other.

In addition to being invested in us as people, we’re also pushed to grow as professionals. Webinars, conferences, lunch ‘n’ learn sessions – the opportunities for continued education are as abundant as the opportunities to take on account and internal leadership roles. Whether it’s leading a client account, joining our Sustainability Committee or planning the next Health & Wellness Committee outing (think rock climbing, 5Ks, bike & brews…), we’re encouraged to be life-long learners and big contributors to our vibrant team.

Bellmont Gives Back is another initiative that drives home our investment in people and our community. Each month, we are allotted company time to devote to causes we’re passionate about. From Girls on the Run to the Smile Network and everything in between, we’re given the opportunity to make a positive impact and connect our business and philanthropic passions.

So, why does this award mean so much to us? At Bellmont Partners, we believe that work and life are not just about balance but about integration. And that as a more connected, healthy and thriving team, we and our clients will continue to reap the benefits as our values shine through our work.

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  1. […] It’s important to choose people over profits. We look at each decision we make through the people lens. Have we sacrificed higher profitability for the ability to be flexible and respond to what our team members need? Sure. But it has paid dividends over and over again, and it’s something we wouldn’t change for anything. We recognize that sometimes we need to be with our families, to pursue our passions or to grieve. And when we do, the rest of us are here to step in to take care of what needs to be done. Happy, healthy individuals make a stronger team. […]

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