Five Ways to Use PR to Build Relationships

How can you authentically engage with decision makers who may be good advocates, influencers, prospects, partners or employees? While it can be a major undertaking, the good news is that public relations – including many initiatives that may already be in the works – can play a major role in building and strengthening relationships.

In his latest piece for Business2Community, Bellmont Partners President Brian Bellmont outlines five tips for using communications to build relationships that last, including:

Understand and segment your audience. If you’re looking to engage with business decision-makers, is the C-suite really the right place to target, or does it make more sense to start building relationships with people in other departments?

Provide something of value. Demonstrate your thought leadership. Share your expertise without asking for anything in return by contributing to a media outlet, podcast or blog, or on social media.

Diversify your marketing mix. Strengthen your ability to create and build relationships by implementing a diverse, multi-faceted communications effort. Consider everything from traditional and social media to trade shows and newsletters to industry events and awards.

Leverage your network. Creating and sharing content in an authentic way can help deepen relationships with people you already know – and who may connect you with people in their networks.

Be consistent. Provide a consistent thrum of useful information to help build or deepen relationships – and trust.

For more details on how to connect with the right people and build stronger relationships using PR, check out the full article on Business2Community.

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