End-of-Year Planning Session

Marketing and communications pros:
Are you ready to close the book on 2020?

 We’re here to help, with an outside perspective and a long track record of public relations expertise with a variety of industries and organizations.

The unpredictable year is (finally) drawing to a close. Before it does, though, we recommend taking time to:

  • Reflect on your marketing efforts this year – take a step back and recall what plans had to be set aside, where you could have used extra help, what lessons were learned, and maybe even what new strategies emerged that worked well.
  • Determine what you can still accomplish in the remaining weeks of the year– are there any ideas you had to postpone earlier in the year that are appropriate to revisit now? Are there new priorities emerging? What’s going to help strengthen your foundation for success in 2021?
  • Plan for 2021 – whatever that may look like for your organization and industry.
We can help.

To start the conversation, we’ve taken a good look at the most effective communications tactics and strategies our clients are successfully employing to mitigate the COVID-19-related challenges and put together an article on Nine Pandemic PR Trends to Inform 2021 Planning.

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And, Bellmont Partners is offering free end-of-year planning sessions for marketing leaders.

We’ll help you cover all of the above with your team and key leadership in a virtual session, with actionable PR approaches you can use in the upcoming year.

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