How Well Do You Understand Your Customer?

We’re happy to announce that Michelle LeGros has joined our agency as a strategic partner. With deep insights leadership experience at companies including U.S. Bank, The Toro Company and most recently 13 years as Vice President of Consumer Insights at UnitedHealth Group, Michelle is an insights leader who brings strategic and practical insights solutions to help organizations answer key business questions.

We sat down with Michelle to talk about her decades of experience studying people and translating their needs and wants into practical business strategies, and what her expertise means for Bellmont Partners clients:

You’ve worked for the past 25 years building value-added research strategies and insights across multiple industries, from healthcare and financial services to consumer products and manufacturing. What do all those sectors have in common?

Successful marketing and communications programs are rooted in a strong understanding of your customers, prospects and influencers, no matter the industry. It’s essential to have insight into the lives of the people you are trying to reach. What are their challenges, what frustrates them, what do they need to know, where do they find joy? When you get inside the heads of your targets, you can effectively connect.

I have spent my career helping marketers and innovators understand their customers, prospects and influencers. Asking the right questions, challenging assumptions and finding business implications of this powerful knowledge are all important parts of the process – regardless of the product or service you provide.

We could talk about this for hours, but how can companies benefit from that understanding – how can organizations put those insights into action, especially as part of their marketing and public relations efforts?

Sometimes this means leveraging insights that already exist in your organization. Frankly, most organizations are challenged with broadly sharing insights. Through discovery sessions and insight audits, the Bellmont Partners team helps clients make important discoveries that inspire impactful communications.

Other times, your organization doesn’t have the deep knowledge you need. We have years of experience utilizing a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques to help you get closer to your target audience. Through a very strategic process, we help clients understand what they really need to know and how to get that knowledge in order to develop successful marketing and communications initiatives.

Thanks, Michelle – and welcome to the team!

I am thrilled to join the Bellmont Partners team as a strategic partner focused on bringing actionable insights to businesses. The BP team has long used insights as a foundation of their public relations and marketing programs. I am excited to continue this focus as we all help organizations in Minnesota and across the country successfully connect with target audiences.

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