MN firefighters engaging in MnFIRE

Minnesota Firefighter Initiative

To further its mission to support the health of the state’s 20,000 firefighters, in late 2020 the Minnesota Firefighter Initiative (MnFIRE) turned to Bellmont Partners to rally departments across the state to take advantage of free health and wellness training.

The grassroots campaign included a combination of earned, paid, owned and social media, focusing on both statewide and Twin Cities engagement plus surgical strikes in specific markets MnFIRE wanted to target.

The earned component generated nearly 50 stories focused on individual departments that participated in MnFIRE’s health and wellness trainings, modeling positive behavior for the rest of the state’s departments; and fire community members wrote 13 persuasive op-eds and letters to the editor that delivered strong calls to action to encourage departments to sign up for training.

In 2021, departments participated in 324 training sessions, up from 27 the previous year – a 1,100% increase.


Since branding the organization, Bellmont Partners is MnFIRE’s go-to design agency. We have created an extensive library of print and digital materials, including flyers, presentation decks, booth displays and more.


Our team organizes and executes large-scale events on behalf of and in partnership with MnFIRE, including press conferences, fundraisers and other promotional opportunities.

Impact Report

To amplify the MnFIRE mission to every corner of Minnesota, Bellmont Partners creates an annual booklet updating stakeholders and the public on the state of firefighter health in Minnesota.