3 Social Media Ideas for Volunteer and Employee Engagement in 2018

With more social media platforms and formats than ever before, organizations are hungry for content to feed these channels. And not just any content. The bar has been raised for social media content to be attention-getting, engaging stories that showcase the people behind the brand – content that people will want to stop and take notice of amidst their daily social media use.

Easier said than done, right? The good news is, corporate marketing teams have a secret weapon to achieving this goal, and oftentimes, it’s hiding in plain sight: the community relations team. Whether they’re coordinating employee volunteer days or working on initiatives with community partners, you can bet that they have some amazing stories to share that illustrate the company’s heart and that demonstrate the difference your organization and its people are making in the community and beyond. It’s a social media team’s dream!

I had the pleasure of speaking about this very topic earlier this week with Bellmont Partners’ good friend and collaborator Arik Hanson when we presented to the Corporate Volunteerism Council – Twin Cities (CVC-TC). The organization’s members are focused on workplace volunteerism, primarily at large corporations, as well as some nonprofit organizations. Our presentation focused on highlighting a variety of social media trends and ideas – some that were “out there” and some that are easily doable in the right setting. Here are just a few of the challenges we put forth to the group:

Ask your marcomm team what types of stories they’re looking for.

If you’re overseeing volunteer initiatives and community relations, you may not necessarily know what your marketing department’s objectives are, especially when it comes to social media. At large corporations, you may not even know who inside the company is managing social media. But you can bet that they’d love to hear from you – grab lunch or a coffee with them, and find out what they’re looking for in stories to use on social media and how they like to receive ideas. (And marketers, it’s a two-way street – reach out to your community relations/volunteer team, too!) Remember that even the simplest-looking social media posts take time to craft and get approved, so the more advance notice, the better.

Consider Snapchat filters during events to engage volunteers and employees.

Snapchat is all about in-the-moment fun. For events such as employee volunteer days or fundraising galas, experimenting with Snapchat filters is a great way to engage participants and celebrate the day. Because Snapchat filters are geo-based, you can zero in on a very specific location that will see your filter as an option.

Look for ways to use live-streamed video.

Another tactic that events lend themselves well to is live social media video. Streaming on Facebook Live or Instagram Live is a great way to share the excitement and impact of an event with those who can’t make it there in person. Is there an announcement coming up? An unveiling of a new community center your company sponsored? A community awards ceremony? Talk to your social media team about whether it might be a good fit for live video streaming.

These are just a few of the many ways marketers and community relations teams can work together to bring amazing stories and content to life on companies’ social media platforms. If you aren’t already brainstorming ideas with one another, set up a meeting soon to talk about 2018 plans.

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