What I’ve Learned Working with Bellmont Partners

Posted by: Sarah Platte

MP900144546By now, you may have heard that Bellmont Partners is hiring. They’re growing like crazy, and it’s really exciting to be part of, and even more difficult to leave behind. You see, I’ve been with the Bellmonts since January 2011. Before this time, my fiancée (now husband) had applied to graduate school in Los Angeles. We were thrilled when we found out he got in, but with that excitement comes the sting of leaving our family, friends and the Bellmonts.

From the moment I shared about the prospect of moving cross-country, the Bellmont team has been nothing but graciously supportive. So on my last days with the team, I wanted to share a few words of what it’s like to work with Bellmont Partners—an insider’s look, so to speak. Here are the four things I love most about working with this team:

Autonomy with support. I’m given the freedom to shine in writing releases and blog posts, pitching and coordinating media coverage, which I absolutely loved. All the while, the team was eager to help me develop professionally and happy to answer any questions I have along the way.

Variety of clients. From home and gardening businesses, to technology start-ups and consulting firms, I am able to touch on a variety of clients among several industry sectors, which does two things for me: it helps me to decide which types of PR I enjoy most, as well as how to transfer skill sets across industries (not to mention, how to speak all their languages!).

Interaction with clients. I’m able to be part of meetings with clients, sharing my insights and counseling them. This isn’t the case with every client, of course, but I do get to participate in client management with a few key accounts. This has taught me incredibly rich lessons not many professionals have the opportunity to learn early on in their career.

The fun. What can I say—I’ve never had better bosses. They’re bright, hard-working people with a love for authenticity and humor. You’d do well with them if you bring those qualities and more to the table.

Interested? I bet you are! Shoot an email to info@bellmontpartners.com with your resume and a cover letter, and very soon you just may find yourself making your own “list of loves.”

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