Weekly Roundup: You Can’t Buy Pinterest Fame & More

Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday this week. So happy birthday, Facebook! And if you haven’t already calculated how much time you’ve wasted spent on the site, here you go (if you dare). Other digital and social news: 

Study: 73% of U.S. Teens Still Use Facebook

Yet another look into the demographics of Facebook users and how users’ relationships with the site are evolving. For example, while 44 percent of Facebook users like and comment on statuses each day, only 10 percent of users update their own statuses on a daily basis.

Facebook’s Paper App Sounds a Bit Too Familiar to One Company

FiftyThree has publicly asked Facebook to change the name of its recently released news reader, Paper. FiftyThree also has an app named Paper that is a very popular illustration app. Facebook declined to change the name.

You Can’t Buy Pinterest Fame

Last week, Pinterest updated its Acceptable Use policy to prohibit users from paying others to follow them or re-pin their images.

7 Tools for Creating an Optimized Mobile Website

A list of tools to develop a mobile-friendly version of your website.

And finally, a couple of fun items for your Friday:

20 Twitter Accounts to Follow For the 2014 Winter Olympics 

9 Facebook Pages You Won’t Believe Have Millions of Likes


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