Weekly Roundup: The Twitter Mute Button & More


This week, learn how you can ignore over-tweeters without unfollowing them:

  • Twitter Officially Introduces The Mute Button – The new feature allows users to selectively turn off the posts of certain users they follow without unfollowing them.
  • The Next Phase of Promoted Pins – Pinterest is rolling out promoted pins, starting with a small group of brands. Just a few of these brands include: Gap, General Mills, Target, Lululemon and Expedia.com.
  • Friend Activity When the Time is Right – Facebook is rolling out a new feature to its iOS app that encourages users to share more about what they are doing. It will surface cards that reveal relevant posts from friends when you check in at a location or post an activity update such as watching a movie or traveling to a new city. For example, if you check in at a restaurant, it will surface cards of your friends who have also checked in there or photos from that restaurant from other users, etc.
  • Pinterest Wins New Funding, Raising Valuation to $5 Billion – Pinterest announced on Thursday that it has raised a new $200 million round of funding from existing investors, raising its total valuation to $5 billion. 
  • Swarm, Foursquare’s Other Half, Takes Over the Check-In – Recently, Foursquare announced it would be splitting its app into two. It’s still unclear as to what the original Foursquare app will morph into, but it looks like the social/discovery check-ins aspect of Foursquare will now live on Swarm.

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