Weekly Roundup: Study Finds 77% of College Students Use Snapchat Daily & More

In this week’s digital and social news roundup, we take a look at the latest update to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm and how it might benefit brands, changes to LinkedIn that include letting users block other users and giving you access to more analytics about who’s viewed your profile and new data on college-aged Snapchat users.

  • Facebook News Feed Update Gives Brands More Reach – A new change to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm means brands will have a greater reach than ever. Now, when Pages tag another Page in a post, the content could appear in the News Feeds of fans of both Pages.
  • Study Finds 77% of College Students Use Snapchat Daily – The study polled more than 1,600 social media users in college from around the country. Interestingly, the study found that almost half of college-age Snapchat users would open a Snap from a brand they had never heard of and 73 percent said they’d open one from a brand they had heard of. In other Snapchat news, McDonalds is the latest big brand to join the social media platform.
  • You Can Finally Block Those Annoying People on LinkedIn – LinkedIn has added a feature to allow users to block others from contacting them and from having access to  their profiles. However, blocked users will still be able to see whatever public content you have on the platform.
  • LinkedIn Shows You Who Visits Your Profile — and Then Some – Updates to the LinkedIn “who’s viewed your profile” section include more detailed analytics about which LinkedIn members visit your profile page, like what industry they work in and if those who view their profile share the same job title. 

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