Weekly Roundup: 5 Extinct Facebook Promotion Guidelines & More

There’s lots of Facebook news in this week’s digital and social roundup, including which promotion guidelines no longer exist, how many teens have stopped using Facebook and a new product called “trending.” Also, 12 outdated web features that a group of entrepreneurs say need to go away in 2014 and a look at the new social network, We Heart It.

How Many Teens are Actually Leaving Facebook?

A digital agency breaks it down. 

12 Outdated Web Features That Need to Disappear in 2014

Mashable asked 12 entrepreneurs which website features small businesses should avoid or get rid of.

Facebook Will Now Tell You What’s Most Popular on Facebook

Facebook is rolling out a new product called “trending” that will show a personalized list of popular topics for each user, combining their interests with content getting the most interest across the entire platform. They will not include sponsored or promoted content (for now).

Why We Heart It Could Be the Next Big Social Network

Have you heard of this new social network? With 80 percent of its users under the age of 24, it’s no surprise that many brands are keeping an eye on this platform.

5 Facebook Promotion Guidelines That No Longer Exist

A round up of five Facebook Page guidelines that no longer exist. One example: You can now use Facebook features like status updates, messages, chat or posts on profiles or Pages to notify contest winners. Previously, this was not allowed.


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