Strategic marketing

Posted by: Sara Grasmon

minnesota-lynx-ticketsSometimes, mistakes inspire success. It seems that might just be the case with the recent Super Bowl seating kerfuffle.

In response to the NFL’s nightmare mix-up, the Minnesota Lynx have devised a plan to help ease the pain of the 400 people who lost out on their seats in Dallas. For each of these unlucky fans, the WNBA team has offered two premium lower-level tickets to their season opener against the Los Angeles Sparks on June 5. In addition, they’ve promised that these fans will receive “the ultimate red carpet treatment.”

Now, we’ll have to wait and see if any of these football fanatics take the Lynx up on the offer, but even if they don’t, it was a strategic marketing move. After announcing this plan, the Lynx were the focus of several news stories, Facebook updates and tweets.

The move put the Lynx in the spotlight and provided a platform to for them to showcase their customer service standards. In a USA Today article, Lynx COO Conrad Smith was quoted saying the team takes “the utmost pride in taking care of our customers, going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.”

Without this special offer, the Lynx wouldn’t have had an opportunity to share their message with such a wide audience. But, thanks to some creative thinking and a quick response, they’ve received publicity, a PR boost and, maybe, a few more fans on opening night.

This pigskin problem might just help the Lynx make a slam dunk.

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