Stepping into healthier habits

Last month, we had an epiphany. It’s no secret we love our sugary treats here at Bellmont Partners, but lately the indulgences had become a bit too frequent. We all agreed it was time to cool it on the desserts and be more proactive about our health. We formed the Bellmont Partners Health and Wellness Committee, and during our first ever walking meeting, a small team brainstormed several ideas on how we, as a company, could work to be a little bit healthier.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 09.24.41Since then, we have started scheduling walking meetings on the trails outside the office and spending more time at our standing desk station during the day. Bellmont Partners also provided us with Fitbits to track how many steps we take each day – and that’s when things really started to change around here.

“Getting my steps in,” has become a very common phrase around the office over the last few weeks. With an initial goal for our team members to average 5,000 steps a day – roughly 2.5 miles, depending on stride length – our Fitbits are a visible daily reminder that getting enough exercise is just as important as making the right decisions about what we’re eating. I mean, have you seen what happens to your brain on exercise? We plan on gradually increasing the daily goal until we hit 10,000 steps per day.

Now, instead of driving to Whole Foods to grab lunch, we get our steps in by going there on foot. Or, instead of sitting in the conference room to discuss a social media plan, we walk and talk. We even started taking the stairs in our building. (That’s seven flights – eight, if you park on the basement level!)

Even our conversations have changed. During events, we check in with each other about how many miles we have walked so far that day. Four of us took more than 151,313 steps (or walked about 65 miles!) during the Uptown Art Fair last weekend. Other conversations have revealed that team members close to a benchmark will do jumping jacks in their apartment or run around the kitchen table in order to receive their 10,000 steps badge for the day.

Are the Fitbits making us crazy? Maybe a little. But these small devices are making us more and more aware that every extra step adds up. Even if it takes a little friendly (stepping) competition to get us those extra miles, we’re all better off in the end.

While the inevitable box of donuts does still sneak into the office every now and then, our team is happy to be taking steps (literally) toward being a healthier workplace. Our next challenge: being on the ground for a number of clients at this year’s Minnesota State Fair. So many steps to rack up! So much delicious food to consume (in moderation, of course). We’ll be sure to report back on all of the food we tried, and all of the steps we took to walk those treats off.


  1. Mark Snyder (@snyde043) says:

    Very cool to see Bellmont Partners supporting this effort! Hope more employers join this trend. My agency recently held a “150 Challenge” where people who signed up committed to reaching a total of 150 miles over eight weeks through a combination of biking, walking running and swimming. We had about 30 participants this year.

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