PR Penance

PostingBless me, everybody, for I have sinned: It’s been four months since my last blog post. Four months! In a world where Twitter feeds are updated by the second, that’s a lot of seconds. (About 10 million, to be exact.)

What have I been doing over the past four months? Not blogging, that’s for sure. Well, that’s not exactly true — all of us here at Bellmont Partners have indeed been putting together countless blog posts over the last few months, as well as writing hundreds of thousands of other words in the form of articles, news releases, Web copy, collateral material and even a book — just not for ourselves. Shoemakers’ children? Yeah, that’s us.

So today, as Minnesota is hit with our first snow of the year, it’s time to enter a new season for the Bellmont Buzz blog, too. We’re committing right here and now to weighing in a lot more often, and hopefully stuff that you’ll find engaging and interesting. We’ve got a lot to say and share. Shelli, Jen and Sara will be joining me by posting everything from quick nuggets to deeper diatribes on all things PR, media, marketing and messaging — as we get the conversation going again.

Talk with you soon. (That’s a promise.)

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