Off-Season Marketing

Posted by: Brian Bellmont

TruGreenAs I was heading out the door this morning, I noticed something on my sidewalk. It was a container of ice melter — and at first I wondered if I’d accidentally left it there the last time I sprinkled salt on the driveway and walk. (Here on the icy tundra, it seems as if we’ve had to shovel, snow blow or spread salt just about every day since, oh, September.)

Turns out it was a gift from TruGreen, which treats our lawn in the spring, summer and fall. Free stuff is always nice, but I really thought it was an excellent example of successful off-season marketing. Ordinarily, would I have devoted a single thought to TruGreen during the white, white, white months that make up an endless Minnesota winter? Not likely.

But the container did catch my attention, and not just because it was a clever reminder that spring will eventually return: The ice-melter is environmentally friendly, just like the treatments TruGreen applies to our lawn, which reinforced one of the company’s unique value propositions. Plus, the little crystals are green — literally — which also speaks to the company’s positioning.

A clever promotional idea that ties directly to the company’s brand? It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

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