My Crash Course in PR

When I started at Bellmont Partners in August, the grass was still green and I didn’t need a jacket. As I complete the last few weeks of a 6-month internship at Bellmont, I am preparing for my last day  – passing off responsibilities, transitioning off of accounts and taking home pieces of my desk space. While I apply for openings at other companies, I find myself reflecting on my transition from being a Minneapolis transplant to a networked member of the public relations community — a story I would like to share.
My passion for writing – both professionally and creatively – led me to an unexpected opportunity to intern in public relations with the Bellmont Partners team. While my background was in journalism and creative story telling, the art of public relations was a foreign language. About the only thing I did know when I joined the Bellmont team was that there was a big table for brainstorms and I had an open invitation to join.
During my first week, Bellmont Partners quickly made me an active member of their small team. As I gained more experience, I was given more responsibilities. From clip monitoring, to managing client social media accounts, writing news releases, pitching, and creating media lists, I have had the opportunity to learn, and be a part of, many different daily PR responsibilities. I feel very fortunate to have been an integrated part of the team, an opportunity many interns don’t get.
When I started at Bellmont, I was adjusting to a new position and additionally, a new city. Throughout my transition, both professionally and personally, the Bellmont team has repeatedly been my rock — the solid, supportive, consistent piece in my life.  As I prepare to move into the next phase of my professional career and say goodbye to my Bellmont family, I am excited to continue to build on my experiences, skills and relationships here in the Twin Cities.

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