Maximize your potential

world personAs someone who constantly seeks new avenues to learn more about myself, I jumped on the opportunity to use StrengthsFinder 2.0. After completing the questionnaire and reading about my top five strengths, one in particular stuck out to me.

I’m a maximizer. I focus on my strengths, and those of others, and figure out how to capitalize on them. I don’t spend hours devising plans to overcome weaknesses. Instead, I do what comes naturally. I maximize.

Maximizing just makes sense. Think about it. If you focus your energy on overcoming your weaknesses, you’ll be a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. But, if you focus on developing your strengths, you can distinguish yourself and emerge as a leader in several areas.

My maximizing trait compels me to help others maximize, too. So, here are a few things to keep in mind as you maximize yourself — and your organization.

1. Get to know your strengths. What do you excel at, and how can you use those strengths to make your organization more successful? Maybe you’re a natural talker but struggle when it comes time to listen. That strength makes you a perfect fit to make pitches, speeches and special appearances that can increase sales, enhance your brand and increase your public presence.

2. Don’t focus on your weaknesses. Everyone has them; what are yours? It’s important to acknowledge them, but don’t dwell. They will not be the demise of you and your organization. Since I don’t believe it’s efficient to spend tons of time developing weaknesses, I try to find quick, simple solutions to help. If your weakness is listening, try taking notes to help you focus on what’s being said, or use a recorder to capture the presentation so you can go back to it if you missed something. Or try my third suggestion.

3. Find people who have strengths that compliment you and your organization, and don’t let them go. OK, maybe I’m getting a bit carried away, but seriously, find people who are a good fit. If you are a great speaker but listening isn’t your strong-suit, find someone who prefers to stay off the stage and focus on what is being said. You both will be using your strengths and will be much happier while doing so.

When I maximize, I feel better. I don’t feel like I’m trying to be someone I’m not. Instead, I feel like I’m in control of every situation and am working efficiently to reach my potential, and that of my organization. It takes less time and energy to perform tasks and gives me more confidence, producing a better end result. So, keep these things in mind, and start maximizing yourself — and your organization.

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