Introducing our new intern, Sarah Anderson

Posted by: Brian Bellmont

Sarah2-254x300Arik Hanson just posted a great Q&A; with “PR Rock Star (of the future)” Sarah Anderson, who’s kicking off a joint internship with Bellmont Partners and Arik’s company, ACH Communications.

Sarah’s a senior at the University of Minnesota, and comes to us by way of Select Comfort, where she just wrapped up another internship. Arik hit the nail on the head with his comments — we were all impressed not only with her experience and talent, but with the way she thinks. We knew right away that she’d be a great fit with our two small agencies, and be able to contribute plenty on both the traditional PR side and the digital side — and especially when those two areas work together, which in today’s climate happens much more often than not.

We’re excited to have Sarah on board. She’ll also be contributing to this blog over the next months, so watch this space for some of her unique perspective. Welcome!

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