David Hlavac: Passionate Pizza Proponent

Bellmont Partners Totino's

We all know Bellmont Partners Account Director David Hlavac is a passionate guy, and last month his fervent support for a certain formerly defunct frozen food paid off for pizza lovers across the country.

Several years back, David kicked off a Facebook campaign to encourage General Mills to bring back his beloved Totino’s Mexican-Style Party Pizza. The one-man effort gathered steam, and eventually caught the attention of more than 1,000 Mexican-Style Party Pizza fans across the country, including some decision-makers at General Mills.

Lo and behold, the company decided to bring the pizza back, and announced the move by surprising David during a Bellmont Partners staff meeting with a mariachi band, balloons and a piñata; a visit from David’s wife and kids and KDWB’s Steve-O; a pizza buffet; free-pizza coupons and a donation to his kids’ school. The Bellmont Partners office will never be the same. We’re still finding confetti in the corners…

You’ve got to see it to believe it: Check out this post from The Taste of General Mills blog, including a phenomenal video.


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