Navigating this new world requires nimble strategy, an open mindset and a pragmatic-meets-innovative approach.

To say COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work is an understatement – and the impact will ripple through our country for months, years and beyond. As organizations and leaders from every industry navigate the constantly shifting “new normal,” communicating frequently and authentically is more important than ever before.

We’re here to help.

If you’re stretched thin and simply need some help getting the work done, we’re here for you, no matter how large or small the project, whether it’s for a few days, a few months or ongoing.

And if you just want to talk through a situation, we’re always happy to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation discussion. We're working to do what we can to help our communities in this time of need, and we’re happy to start a conversation any time.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact businesses across the country, the Bellmont Partners team has mobilized around dozens of crisis communications and non-crisis projects, spanning nearly every communications discipline:


We’ve been working closely with several companies on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic with a variety of strategies and implementation, from messaging to crisis communications to quick-turn, outside-the-box solutions for new challenges. We can quickly help brainstorm, gut-check and offer new perspective through our external lens, as well as help you develop and implement crisis and non-crisis messaging and plans.

Second Harvest Heartland shifted its strategy to respond to COVID-19 quickly, and more innovatively and efficiently than ever. The organization’s ambitious plan to address the increasing rate of hunger due to the pandemic includes committing to 200,000 emergency food boxes that are distributed to food shelf and meal partners; joining forces with local caterers and restaurants to launch Minnesota Central Kitchen, which distributes thousands of meals per day in partnership with Loaves & Fishes; and working to ensure that everyone who is eligible for SNAP benefits can access them. CEO Allison O’Toole and other Minnesota hunger-sector leaders are giving weekly progress updates to the community via Zoom and Facebook Live. In addition to media relations and strategic counsel to support these efforts, our team developed a newsletter focused on COVID-related updates and helped announce new data projections.


We are telling the stories of many businesses that have pivoted their business model since the coronavirus hit, and can help you re-work your messaging and communications strategy to share your organization’s shift as well.

Digi-Key Electronics distributes electronic components all over the world, and when COVID hit, we helped evolve its messaging to support critical medical equipment items, including parts for ventilators, non-contact thermometer devices, no-touch hand sanitizer dispensers and more. Its team has assisted with several ventilator innovations, including a partnership with the University of Minnesota, and focusing on fixing and connecting supply chain issues so that key components can get to the right engineers to prototype and produce critical medical devices as quickly as possible. Digi-Key also offers premium services and free BOM management licenses for companies combating COVID-19.

As your business pivots around changing priorities, challenges and opportunities, where do you need a trusted partner?


We develop content for internal and external audiences across nearly every communications discipline, including emails, articles, websites, sales materials, videos, Facebook Lives, podcasts, newsletters, white papers, news releases, blog posts, social media content, communications toolkits for partners, letters to political leaders and governmental departments, and more. Many organizations are testing communications vehicles they’ve never tried before, as they seek to engage with audiences in new ways.


In mid-March, we worked with Twin Cities Live to be on location from the Second Harvest Heartland headquarters and share the story about how the organization is meeting the needs of our hungry neighbors - and what they will need from the community to continue this imperative work.

Internal & External Communications

We can assist with media relations, media training, social media strategy and community management along with plans for engaging internal audiences.



Nonin Medical, the world leader in innovating and manufacturing pulse oximetry systems, is providing essential technology used on the front lines of diagnosing and treating critically ill patients with COVID-19, as well as during recovery and aftercare, ensuring patient oxygen levels have returned to healthy levels. Bellmont Partners is working with Nonin to share the important work it’s doing that’s helping medical professionals and patients around the world through local and national media outreach and video.

C-Suite Communications

We can support C-suite communications, from internal communications and external thought leadership, to an increased executive social media presence and developing presentations for boards and investors on what’s next.


We can help think through the strategy and tactics for communicating a postponement, ways to stay engaged with your organization, and even help conceptualize and produce alternate options, such as hosting a virtual event.


 The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting media furloughs, buyouts and layoffs have forced many organizations to rethink their earned media strategies over the last few months – creating the opportunity to review existing strategies and tactics. We monitor, measure, assess and report to gauge the effectiveness of your communications efforts and recommend ways to improve and amplify results.


No-Strings Discussions

If you just want to talk through a situation, we’re always happy to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation discussion. We're working to do what we can to help our communities in this time of need.

Stay In Touch

As this pandemic continues to play out, our team is sharing communications trends, tips and techniques on our blog and in our newsletter, as well as examples of organizations who are responding to this new situation with innovative thinking, optimism and grace.