Boost your marketing: Connect, interact and develop

Facebook-iconQuestion: What started as a social network for college students in 2004 and has grown into a world-wide business with more than 500 million users? Answer: Yep, you guessed it — Facebook.

It’s created a world of its own where you can add friends, share information and say whatever’s on your mind. It’s a place where you can comment and chat and where it’s OK to “like” almost anything. It’s a place where people spend more than 700 billion minutes PER MONTH. So, with that kind of traffic and the price of free, it’s a place where your business should be.

Here are three ways Facebook can help can enhance your marketing efforts and increase your revenue, and the only thing it will cost you is some time.

1. Facebook connects. Let’s say you own a business that sells fishing poles. After doing a quick search for fishing, you find that more than 4 million people “like” fishing. Facebook gives you an opportunity to connect with these 4 million potential consumers along with other businesses in your industry, like those that sell boats, bait and tackle. Facebook helps connect you to new audiences and demographics, increasing your consumer market.

2. Facebook interacts. Facebook provides an avenue for consumers to ask questions and offer suggestions, and it gives you and your company a way to respond and share your information. This makes consumers feel like they have a personal relationship with you and your products and allows them to have a voice. It also lets you interact with other companies, potentially leading to new business endeavors.

3. Facebook develops. While you’ve been connecting and interacting, you’ve also been developing. You’ve been developing relationships and loyalty with your consumers, your brand with the public and your success as a business.

Facebook provides an outlet that lets you maximize your consumer-friendly potential without breaking the bank. So, with some research, patience and sweat-equity, you and your business can boost your marketing and connect, interact and develop.

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