Benefit raises funds, awareness

MED_0108$20,000. More than 250 people. And an entire community coming together to support two worthy causes, while raising awareness about an issue that affects millions of women across the country. The Shut the Door on Domestic Violence event this week was by all accounts overwhelmingly positive, and reminds us of the power of many kind and generous people coming together to make a difference. The money raised has been placed in a trust for the Hanson children (see their story in an earlier post), and a portion was also donated to the Lewis House in Eagan, a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

To quote Jay Hanson, Charles’ brother who is currently caring for and adopting baby Bjorn Hanson, “Money can’t buy back their father, but the money raised tonight will help with counseling and other things Ingrid, Thorin and Bjorn may need to help deal with the lasting effects of what they experienced.”

Thank you to Tim Sherno and his crew at KSTP, and Erik Runge (@fox9erik) at FOX 9 for covering the benefit.

And thanks to everyone who shared the story with others, made a donation, or attended the benefit. For more information or to make a donation online, please visit the Hanson Children Benefit website.


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  2. Thanks, Paul. I can't take credit for it, though — our AAE Sara Grasmon wrote that one. She's got another good one coming up early next week.

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