AP Stylebook Says…

Posted by: Sara Grasmon
ap-stylebook-websiteA few weeks ago, my inner-nerd had a big day. You see, the AP Stylebook made an announcement. About a year after the release that made website website instead of a Web site, email is now email instead of e-mail.

The AP Stylebook is my writing bible. I get satisfaction from knowing that pinch-hit has a hyphen and pinch hitter does not. I love understanding which state abbreviation to use in each instance, except for the five which never are shortened. I get ecstatic when there’s an opportunity to teach someone something new about the wonder that is AP style. Like I said, I’m nerdy.

While I processed the change, I wondered why it was made. Had all the complaints from people who find it just a little too difficult to type a hyphen finally gotten to them? To figure this out, I turned to my fellow English-lover and sister, Karen.

We began discussing the language we love, and in doing so, realized this:

Quite often we take what is said from credible sources, like the AP, face-value. It’s convenient, but is it right to accept the how and ignore the why? Should we be questioning these grammatical changes, or is it right to merely acknowledge them and conform to the new ways?

We didn’t come to a conclusion, and I honestly don’t know that there is one. However, we decided that at times, it’s important to be just a bit skeptical of the tools that help us do our jobs. Don’t worry, though. My Stylebook will be next to me while I do.

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