A Trivial Win for a Critical Pursuit


Useless knowledge isn’t so useless when you’re playing for a worthy cause.

Brian Bellmont and David Hlavac from Bellmont Partners joined the folks at ThreeSixty Journalism on Thursday, Sept. 19, to bring home first prize in the second annual Asian-American Journalists Association (AAJA) Minnesota Trivia Bowl, which raises money to fund local scholarships and internships for college students regardless of race.

AAJA Minnesota is a longtime ThreeSixty Journalism supporter, and Bellmont Partners president Brian Bellmont sits on the ThreeSixty board of advisors.

The Trivia Bowl featured a veritable “who’s who” of Twin Cities media, including teams from WCCO-TV, KSTP-TV, Minnesota Public Radio, St. Paul Pioneer Press and Star Tribune. Despite the fierce competition and some early handwringing over a few tricky answers, the ThreeSixty/Bellmont squad finished strong and bested the entire field by playing to team members’ individual strengths. 

Some of the tough questions included:

  • What 1950s film featured the song “Rock Around the Clock?” (Answer: Blackboard Jungle)
  • Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player ever to play in the NBA. How tall is he? (Answer: Five feet, three inches)
  • Which rock do humans most frequently eat? (Answer: Salt)

As the winning team reveled in its glory and deflected more than a few jabs from sore losers, ThreeSixty Journalism and Bellmont Partners divvyed up the spoils of battle – several bottles of award-winning Two Gingers Irish whisky, autographed by founder Kieran Folliard, and gift cards from local restaurateur Parasole.

The team plans to auction off the whisky at its annual Widening the Circle gala to support even more scholarships for ThreeSixty Journalism students.

Rumor has it that local media outlets are already plotting a new strategy to defeat the defending Trivia Bowl champions. We welcome the challenge and encourage all members of the Twin Cities communications community to support AAJA in next year’s competition. 

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